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Worldkonnekt is a specialist recruitment and executive search firm that works with German-speaking sales and marketing professionals in the technology, financial technology, and finance sectors. We specialise in sales and marketing professionals at all levels. Our executive search team works with sales leaders, regional heads and senior leadership of firms across Europe.

Headquartered in the City, London, we are composed entirely of German-speaking recruitment professionals. By focusing exclusively on our sales and marketing niche, we’ve developed deep networks that enable us to assist across a wide geography. We deliver consistently high-quality recruiting results, and we are committed to getting it right first time.

Our Mission

At Worldkonnekt we deliver a proper ‘Made in Germany’ experience for German-speaking candidates and clients looking for German-speaking professionals. We believe both will be better served by German speakers who have international experience, large networks, and a deep understanding of their sector and of critical cultural nuances.

Our clients and candidates benefit from the natural biases ingrained in our German-speaking team, for whom only a high-quality recruiting experience is acceptable. We are determined to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships based on trust and professionalism. Don’t just take our word for it – take a look at some of our client and candidate testimonials.

Our Values

We are honest, ethical, and work very hard for our clients and candidates. That includes being direct with them, and accepting a mandate only when we are confident of delivering outstanding results. We believe strongly that it is vital to have the same encouraging, optimistic, diligent and supportive attitude both within and between our employees. One of the keys to our success, next to our ‘Made in Germany’ ethos, is that we work with a team mentality – both internally and with our clients and candidates. We believe this yields better results for all stakeholders, and we see our client and candidate relationships as long-term partnerships.


At Worldkonnekt we have great experience of forming new and exciting partnerships, and of getting to know the requirements and expectations of each.

We deliver a recruitment experience far exceeding any you may have had. We offer candidates a breadth of opportunities, and provide clients with a wide range of versatile individuals who are the most talented in their specialist areas.

Our definition of a successful placement is based on our selection model, which centres on five criteria – Cultural Fit, Cost & Value Analysis, Career Path & Growth Opportunities, Knowledge & Competencies, and Attitude. We believe these five criteria are crucial to determine a successful candidate–client fit. 


Cost & Value Analysis
Before making any long-term professional commitment, it is important to review and analyse its potential benefits, costs and values. What can the organisation deliver to further the career path of the candidate? We can only achieve success when the candidate finds value in the organisation and can identify with the company to become an ambassador for the brand.

Career Path & Growth Opportunities
An old saying goes, “If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward.” People whose careers grow fastest are ambitious. They take charge of their career and accept responsibility for its growth. High-calibre candidates in today’s global market thrive on growth, and will want to learn as much as possible about the opportunity. To be considered by a candidate, an organisation’s growth opportunities and the management of its growth path need to fully match the candidate’s expectations. 


Knowledge & Competencies
All companies know the importance of nurturing a talented workforce. With the right combination of workforce knowledge, skills and abilities, a company’s potential is limitless. It is essential to match employees’ competencies with our clients’ needs and ensure there is no competency gap.

Competency alone does not predict the right client–candidate match. At Worldkonnekt we know that achieving success is reflected in one’s attitude and mentality. Does the candidate have the competencies you need for the role or the team? We go the extra mile to find out about the candidate’s passion and work ethic, to see if their attitude matches your company values.


Cultural Fit
We ensure that our candidates’ values, ambitions and ethics are in accordance with those of your organisation. This is key for a successful long-term relationship.

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What People Say about Us

What People Say about Us

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